Sailing scoring kept simple.

SailScores makes publishing sail race results simple and fast: simple enough that the scores can be entered and shared from a phone on the water. Competitors and clubs should be able to view scores in many ways from many devices, and see trends and specifics.

It's free

You can host your club's scores on this site. Fill out the form for the initial club setup.

If you'd rather provide your own servers, SailScores is open-source software. The code is available at You are welcome to run your own instance of this. We'll provide support as time allows.

What's the catch?

Why is SailScores free? What about "If you're not paying for a service, you are the product."?

The expense to host this site is less than $20 a month. Development time is a more significant contribution, but it is happily donated: score entry troubles are reduced, the growth of sailing is supported and technologies are learned.

Some features may require more resources or payment to other services (such as speech recognition or automatic weather recording.) When those are ready we'll find a way to only charge the users of the "Premium" features.

We are committed to providing a free option regardless. Our clubs haven't had large budgets and would have benefitted from SailScores. We'd like to share.

By the way, SailScores doesn't use any tracking or cookies except the minimum required to track logged-in users. Your data is not being sold by SailScores.


We're working on new features, including:

View a full list of issues and feature requests at GitHub


Please send feedback! Use the email addresses below, reach out on Twitter @SailScores or via Github.

Contact Info

Sailscores is maintained by Jamie Fraser,,

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